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Hair Loss News and Headlines 2006

Making Furniture From Human Hair Carries A Smaller Carbon Footprint Dec 2006

Baseball cap wigs put lid on hair loss Dec 2006

New Survey Finds Majority Of Men With Male Pattern Hair Loss Would Give Up Prized Personal Possessions For More Hair Dec 2006

Dye, trim or shave off that hair for a younger look Dec 2006

Hair loss is genetic — but it can be treated Dec 2006

Popular baldness drug could mask prostate marker Dec 2006

Control Mechanism For Biological Pattern Formation Decoded Dec 2006

"Bubble hair," a report of two cases. Nov 2006

Efficacy and safety of a new clobetasol propionate 0.05% foam in alopecia areata: a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial Nov 2006

Female-patterned alopecia in teenage brothers with unusual histologic features Nov 2006

Scots TV presenter winning battle with hair loss Nov 2006

Hair Transplants Can Help More Women with Hair Loss Nov 2006

Receding hairline can erode chances of getting BPO job: Survey Nov 2006

Hair Loss Hair Restoration Conference On Future Hair Industry Direction Nov 2006

Baldness Gene Identified in Russian Families Nov 2006

NU/HART - The World Leader in Hair Transplants is Growing and Growing Nov 2006

Hair Loss Can Be Treated With Propecia Nov 2006

New head shaving gel targets bald men Nov 2006

Rotorua police go bald on the beat Nov 2006

Barber's bald gift pleases new wife Nov 2006

Bald People of the Red River Valley Unite Nov 2006

Bald is Beautiful - Most Caucasian males won't escape hair loss Oct 2006

Hair Loss Experts Visit Miami Hurricanes Football to Educate Men About Male Pattern Hair Loss Oct 2006

The First Skin Care Line Developed by a Leading Cosmetic Scientist Just For Men Oct 2006

Moby: 'Raving Made Me Lose My Hair' Oct 2006

Woman files suit over hair loss Oct 2006

Now the Genetic Hair Loss Can be Treated Oct 2006

Cancer cure sans hair loss Oct 2006

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Hosts 14th Annual Scientific Meeting Oct 2006

New book will be turning heads in the desert Oct 2006

Empress Re-Gro® Introduces Four New Products For Your Daily Hair Care Needs Oct 2006

Baldness-treating robot gets funding Oct 2006

Multi-unit hair grafting is new option for hair replacement Oct 2006

New Web Site From Merck Offers Men Hope With Information on Male Pattern Hair Loss Sept 2006

Hair-pulling Disorder Caused By Faulty Gene In Some Families Sept 2006

Northern California Stylists Use Hair Extensions to Combat Hair Loss in Clients With Cancer Sept 2006

Mom’s genes play key role in men who develop baldness Sept 2006

Alopecia Areata slates awareness fundraiser today Sept 2006

Cosmetic surgery boom for men Sept 2006

The Truth About Dietary Supplements Sept 2006

Doctor warns that `crash diets' can lead to hair loss Sept 2006

A hairbrush that helps you rate a 'bad hair day'! Sept 2006

Anxiety can cause hair loss Sept 2006

Q-Ray bracelet buyers were misled: U.S. judge Sept 2006

Hair loss affects men's self confidence Sept 2006

Makers of Rogaine(R) Revolutionize the Hair Loss Treatment Industry Once Again Sept 2006

Oral treatment is pain-free remedy for hair loss problem Aug 2006

Stress Causes Hair Loss in Women Aug 2006

Munti inmates to go bald for Guimaras Aug 2006

Scientists brush up on the bald truth about hair growth Aug 2006

Hypnosis may help improve type of hair loss Aug 2006

Weight Loss Surgery & Hair Loss Aug 2006

Eat To Live: A health-promoting Mideast grenade Aug 2006

First Indian doctor to win the Robert Olding Award Aug 2006

Hair Loss and Acne: How Common Misconceptions Lead to New Treatments and Discoveries Aug 2006

P-Rays "Salute to Baldness Night" at August 26 game Aug 2006

National Hair Loss Awareness Month: Five New Treatments to Restore Hair Aug 2006

Misleading medical ads run despite ban Aug 2006

Men turn to transplants or plugs for thinning manes Aug 2006

Jamshedpur's bald men demand punishment for calling them 'takla' Aug 2006

Nothing left to lose, baldies unite July 2006

Are these guys all wet? July 2006

EU bans hair dye chemicals amid cancer fears July 2006

Oral treatment is pain-free remedy for hair loss problem July 2006

New Survey Finds People Understand the Causes of Hair Loss but are at a Loss When it Comes to Seeking Treatment July 2006

Samson Hair Restoration Names New Chief of Surgery July 2006

ICLS Introduces Skin - Scar and Hair Loss Treatment by 'Silicone Crystal Rotoabrader' June 2006

Clinic offers hair restoration treatment June 2006

Going Baldy? Then slap on this helmet June 2006

Bald facts June 2006

Hair loss - modern treatment June 2006

Hair loss goes straight to the top June 2006

Can Iron Prevent Baldness? June 2006

Boy gains insights with dad's hair loss June 2006

The bald get in free at Perris June 2006

Lippi makes hair raising offer June 2006

Bald men--beware of the sun June 2006

Nielsen ponders drugs ban appeal June 2006

Gail's a better person without her hair June 2006

Low Iron Could Help Spur Baldness June 2006

Howard laughs off Bush's bald jibe May 2006

Have Scientists Accidentally Discovered the Answer to Hair Loss? May 2006

New approach to baldness May 2006

Extraordinary Hair Loss Prevention and Treatment Discovery May 2006

Kaya launches hair loss preventions solutions May 2006

Warnie hair ads banned in Britain May 2006

California peanut milk cult growing May 2006

Warne's hair-loss treatment ad broke British rules May 2006

Ringworm Infections on the Rise May 2006

Men, myths and skin care in the 21st century May 2006

Straight Answers to hair loss May 2006

Oaten: Mid-life crisis led to affair May 2006

Stop Losing Hair Because of Bad Hair Extensions May 2006

A serious matter of concern for most people — hair loss can be treated May 2006

Hair Loss Money Back Guarantee May 2006

Hair Loss Hits the Young May 2006

Cancer Gene Also Involved in Hair Loss May 2006

Mylan Cleared to Market Proscar Generic April 2006

The importance of diet for healthy hair April 2006

New methods offer to beat baldnessApril 2006

Men, Myths and Skincare April 2006

Cancer patients need not lose sleep over hair-loss April 2006

Children's Alopecia Project at the 76ers in Philly April 2006

Stress causing hair loss at 16 April 2006

New device could cut chemotherapy deaths April 2006

Peace Herbal Clinic discovers herbal cure for baldness April 2006

Bald boxer loses wig but battles back to win fight, hearts, even hair April 2006

Can A Chair Help You Grow Hair? April 2006

Hair loss sparks convict lawsuit April 2006

Curis Reaches First Preclinical Milestone in Hair Growth Program with Procter & Gamble April 2006

Hair Cloning Could Revolutionize Hair Loss Treatment March 2006

Propecia May Help Restore Hair Loss in Women March 2006

Hair loss blamed for rising divorce rate in HK March 2006

Procter investing in hair-raising program March 2006

Gaunitz Granted Exclusive Rights to Market Proven Hair Regrowth Laser March 2006

Getting to the root of hair loss March 2006

High life and hard work take toll on top March 2006

Hair loss in women can be treated March 2006

When bald will be beautiful March 2006

Hair Loss In Women: More Than Meets The Eye March 2006

Hair loss medication becomes topic of interest March 2006

Chemo Treatment Without Hair Loss? Feb 2006

More support for soy's protection against prostate cancer Feb 2006

Ministry warns fake shampoos could cause baldness Feb 2006

Shampoo blamed for hair loss Feb 2006

Dreams Come True for Hair Loss Sufferers Feb 2006

Bald business is big business in China Feb 2006

Lexington International, LLC Proudly Announces the Appointment of Dr. Matt Leavitt as Medical Advisor Feb 2006

Heading in the right direction Feb 2006

Baldness Drug Banned for Masking Steroids Feb 2006

Journal Article Validates The Coming Of Age Of Hair Replacement Surgery Feb 2006

‘Call the Doctor’ about balding, unwanted hair Feb 2006

Empress Hair Care Offers Solution to Hair Loss for African-American Women Feb 2006

Hair loss can cause anxiety in men Feb 2006

Laser hair therapy ads questioned Jan 2006

Intercytex seeks £15m on AIM to combat baldness Jan 2006

Baldness ad given brush-off Jan 2006

Evening paper cleared of wrongdoing over 'free hair cut' promotion Jan 2006

Lion Confirms Mechanism for Increasing Permeability of Hair-growth Drug Jan 2006

Heroes turn bald for films Jan 2006

Lund suspended for baldness-cure Jan 2006

Ponting may need hair treatment: Warne Jan 2006

Austin Ad Banned Jan 2006

Gooch hair adverts 'misleading' Jan 2006

Beauty From The Inside Out: Soy Improves Appearance of Skin, Hair and Nails Jan 2006

Prince William is petrified of the army crew cut! Jan 2006

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