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Hair Loss News and Headlines 2009

N.Korea's Kim raps foreign hairstyles Dec 2009

Hair Loss Surgery Scars Simply Invisible Dec 2009

Florida Whole Foods Stores to Carry Dr. Lawrence Shapiro’s Help Hair Shake Dec 2009

Major Findings From Marketing Research Study On Hair Loss Conducted By Lexington International Dec 2009

Bald head lands man in jail Dec 2009

The future in hair loss prevention travels to the Middle East Dec 2009

Hair transplants increase five-fold in five years Dec 2009

Sex therapy cure for hair loss court told Dec 2009

HairDX Starts Global Intellectual Property Legal Enforcement Effort For Genetic Baldness Test Dec 2009

Bad hair days may be over Dec 2009

How stress over staying thin leaves 1 in 3 women with hair loss Dec 2009

Michael Vaughan to appear in hair replacement ads Dec 2009

Class Lawyers Win $50 Million Over Hair-Loss Fix Dec 2009

NIH awards grant for cicatricial alopecia study Dec 2009

Blame genes, not stress for grey hair Dec 2009

Balding David Cameron forms close links with hair loss clinic Nov 2009

Advanced Hair Studio Baffled by ASA Shane Warne Ad Decision Nov 2009

Anti-aging iPhone apps to be released in January Nov 2009

Laser Therapy Can Worsen Skin Cancer Nov 2009

Consumers Lose on Hair Loss Company Nov 2009

Hair loss reversal adverts starring Shane Warne banned Nov 2009

Cheryl Cole Hair Drama Nov 2009

Bald Truth Broadcast Invite Taken up by Beacom Nov 2009

20 per cent of bald British men dream of having hair like Jedward Nov 2009

Job not to blame for grey hair, says Obama Nov 2009

Genetic Hair Loss Test Reaches Brazil Nov 2009

Lexington International Receives 2009 President Award For Export Achievements Nov 2009

Lawsuit alleges hair growth firm's claims are bald Lie Nov 2009

Hair Loss Treatment and Removal In The US Nov 2009

Chicago Hair Loss Solutions Provider to Stage Hair Replacement Demonstration Nov 2009

Attitudes of dermatologists in the southeastern United States regarding treatment of alopecia areata Nov 2009

New Mexico suspends soccer player captured pulling opponent's hair on video Nov 2009

Plea For Age Limits On Hair Transplant Surgery Nov 2009

Center bares latest hair transplant technique Nov 2009

Hair Pulling World Record Nov 2009

Genetic Hair Loss Test Launched In Germany Nov 2009

Dermatologists Offer Advice From Head To Toe On What To Expect When You're Aging Nov 2009

ModiFace Announces Breakthrough in Eyelash and Hair Simulation Technology Nov 2009

Tight turbans leading to hair loss claim Nov 2009

Bizarre baldness strikes female spectacled bars in Leipzig zoo Nov 2009

New Survey Results Reveal That the Effects of Thinning Hair Causes Women to Significantly Alter Their Lifestyle Nov 2009

What Makes Your Hair Stand On End Oct 2009

Andre Agassi admits long hairstyle was a wig Oct 2009

Hair way to heaven as transplant operations rocket Oct 2009

Wrapping Up Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Tips on Healing Outside as Well as Inside Oct 2009

Chris Rock gets to the root of Good Hair Oct 2009

Lexington Announces the Introduction of HairMax Hair Fibers Oct 2009

Hairloss gets younger Oct 2009

Hair loss advice project extended Oct 2009

HairDX Genetic Test for Hair Loss Now Available In Europe Oct 2009

Phase II Clinical Trial for RK-023 Oct 2009

Chris Rock talks good hair, but so do some good books Oct 2009

Hair Restoration Procedures Increase in Difficult Economy Sept 2009

Genetic Hair Loss Test Now Introduced In Australia Sept 2009

Open House For Women With Medically Induced Hair Loss Sept 2009

Enhanced Shampoos To Prevent Hair Loss Sept 2009

Gene test for hair loss Sept 2009

Hair Replacement Provider Offers FDA-Listed Cancer Wigs Sept 2009

Alopecia Therapy Area Pipeline Report Sept 2009

Two proteins enable skin cells to regenerate Sept 2009

Trinity Lace Wigs Free Give a Way Sept 2009

Patent for 4 Novel Hair Loss Treatment Inventions August 2009

DHT Sensor Hair Loss Control Products to be Offered Exclusively Through Transitions Group Hair Replacement Salons and Clinics August 2009

People Would Rather Have More Hair Than More Money August 2009

Study on Growth of Hair Exposed to Laser PhotoTherapy August 2009

Special suit gives baldness the bird August 2009

Do hair loss and heart break go hand in hand August 2009

Scientists identify gene that may explain hair loss August 2009

Breakthrough Therapeutic Tool Presented to 400 Leading Hair Loss Surgeons August 2009

Being bald is hot August 2009

National Hair Loss Awareness Month: Four New Hair Treatments and Tests from Dr. Alan Bauman August 2009

Do not brush with baldness August 2009

Mystery hair loss afflicts the UAE August 2009

Voguewigs Donates Ten Percent From Wig Sales To Charities Helping Victims Of Medical Hair Loss August 2009

Girl band highlight hair loss charity crusade August 2009

Surgical team claims UK's first eyelash transplant August 2009

Lawsuit claims Natural Hair Growth Institute's products, therapy didn't work August 2009

New Information Shows Men Worry Most about Hair Loss at 30 August 2009

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Responds to Proposed Vanity Tax on Cosmetic Surgery August 2009

Toppik Hailed as a Godsend for Concealing Thinning Hair in Recent NBC Report July 2009

Dermatologists can help women get to the root of hair loss July 2009

Women Seeking Hair Solutions on the Rise July 2009

Stress-related hair loss strikes women the most July 2009

Histogen Hair Regrowth Clinical Trial Presented at ISHRS Annual Meeting July 2009

Phase 1 Clinical Study On RK 023 for Hair Loss Completed July 2009

Understanding hair biology could pave way for treating disorder July 2009

National Hair Loss Awareness Month July 2009

Machines offer hair loss help for cancer patients July 2009

Hair care that makes a difference July 2009

Kids Shunned for Hair Loss Get Help From Their Own Stem Cells July 2009

Supplement may help compulsive hair pullers - trichotillomania July 2009

Steroid Abuse Leads To Alarming Rise In Hair Loss Victims July 2009

Volluma Challenges Social Taboo of Womens Hair Loss Publishes 10 Styling Secrets for Women With Thinning Hair July 2009

Doctor offers free hair transplant July 2009

Bauman Medical Group Hosts World's First NeoGraft Hair Transplant Workshop for Doctors July 2009

Genetic Hair Loss Test To Be Introduced In Dominican Republic June 2009

Prosthetic Cancer Wigs Offered by London Based Hair Loss Solutions Provider June 2009

Botox can end baldness True or False June 2009

Trevor Sorbie reaches out to women with medical hair loss June 2009

New International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Survey Finds the Number of Hair Restoration Patients Worldwide Increased 26 Percent in 2008 June 2009

Baldness calculator promises to predict men's hair loss June 2009

Botox May Cure Baldness June 2009

Grey hair may be protecting us from cancer June 2009

Gray Hair Caused by Stress June 2009

Cure for baldness may lie in stem cells June 2009

Laser Hair Treatment Clinic to offer DNA Hair Loss Testing June 2009

HairDx Opens European Subsidiary June 2009

Cancer Drug That Won’t Cause Hair Loss June 2009

Official Stylist for the Rogaine Brand June 2009

Hair Loss Confidential May 2009

Hair Loss Solution Growing Despite Economy May 2009

Mouse study finds hair loss gene May 2009

Hair Loss Confidential Seeking Nominations Across U.S. May 2009

Wayne Rooney talks baldness cure May 2009

Nanogen: Good News for Troubled Biotechs May 2009

First Ever Hair Transplant Social Network Launched May 2009

Follica Gears Up for More Hair Growth May 2009

World Leader in Hair Transplants Opens in Mumbai May 2009

Nanogen Launches TV Campaign May 2009

Men suffering from hair loss May 2009

More support urged over hair loss May 2009

Vitamin E may reverse male pattern baldness April 2009

The World First Mobile Hair Clinic System April 2009

Next-Generation Hair Loss Treatment Genetic Testing April 2009

Aderans Research Launches Second Phase of Hair Loss Study April 2009

Innovation Award Nomination for Nanofibres Hair Camouflage April 2009

Hair loss in women April 2009

Biodue and Hair DX Introduce Genetic Hair Loss Test To Italy In Exclusive Distribution Agreement April 2009

Clinical Data Published for the Only Laser Phototherapy Device Cleared by the FDA for Hair Growth April 2009

Embryonic stem cells used to regenerate hair on mice April 2009

New hope in hair loss treatment April 2009

Head & Shoulders launches Hair Endurance, protecting men from the root cause of hair loss April 2009

ISHRS Releases Study Showing More Hair Is Still a Hot Commodity During Recession April 2009

Senile hair graying April 2009

Trichodaganomania: The compulsive habit of biting one's own hair April 2009

New tools helping women fight hair loss March 2009

A & G Skin Solutions Inc. Releases New Hair Growth Product March 2009

‘Diary of a Hair Transplant’: A Journalist’s search for David Cassidy Hair March 2009

HairDX Introduces Genetic Test For Finasteride Response March 2009

Aderans and HairDX Introduce Genetic Hair Loss Test To Japan Feb 2009

Experts promote baldness drug for prostate cancer Feb 2009

Bon Jovi Fears That Hair Loss May Render Him Bald Feb 2009

Histogen to Present Preliminary Hair Regrowth Clinical Results at Stem Cell Summit Feb 2009

Compensation should be made for hair loss in army Feb 2009

Bonus Footage From The Ground-breaking New Reality Show Hair Loss Confidential Feb 2009

New Hair Loss Treatment with BOTOX Feb 2009

Foods That Prevent Hair Loss Feb 2009

Hair Transplant Surgeon to Hold Informative Webinar on Hair Loss Jan 2009

New evidence suggests alternatives for treating cicatricial alopecia Jan 2009

Full head of hair can help job search Jan 2009

Hair Loss & Replacement For Dummies Jan 2009

Gene linked to rare cause of baldness Jan 2009

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