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Hair Loss News and Headlines 2002

Procyanidin B-3, isolated from barley and identified as a hair-growth stimulant December 14, 2002

Ultraviolet Light Linked to Androgenic Alopecia November 29, 2002

Man Angry Over Hair Transplant Allegedly Attacks Stylist November 20, 2002

FDA approves Avodart (Dutasteride) for BHP October 10, 2002

Growth Rate of Hair Affected by Transplantation Site October 7, 2002

Baldness Treatment Claim Raises Eyebrows September 20, 2002

HairMax LaserComb in clinical trails for FDA approval September 12, 2002

A randomized clinical trial of 5% topical minoxidil September 2002

Green glowing mice shine a light on baldness September 12, 2002

Heat treatment for baldness September 3, 2002

Alopecia Areata Affects Oxidative Status August 19, 2002

Drug battles Leukemia -- and gray hair August 7,2002

Hair Loss Awareness Month August 1, 2002

Dutasteride receives approval from the Swedish regulatory authority July 25, 2002

Hormones Influence Efficacy Of Treatment For Women's Alopecia July 12, 2002

Nutritional factors and hair loss July 2002

Finasteride Cuts Risk of Further Visible Hair Loss in Men July 01, 2002

Histology Helps Diagnosis Of Hair-Plucking Condition June 11 ,2002

Genetic Secrets of Baldness Slowly Receding May 31,2002

Calif. Seeks Fines Against Internet Pharmacy May 29, 2002

Acne and Hair Loss Linked Directly to Stress May 14, 2002

Immune Suppression Drug Helps Patchy Baldness May 8, 2002

Hair today - in a vault tomorrow. April 29,2002

Hair loss in Parkinson's could be reversible. March 19, 2002

Stress Can Take Your Hair Away. March 17, 2002

Parkinson's drug linked to hair loss in women March 11, 2002

MHR Announces New Data Released on Propecia at International Live Surgery Workshop March 08, 2002

Procyte Corporation - Receives European Patent for Hair Growth Expanding Copper Peptide - Patent Portfolio March 5, 2002

Men losing their hair over going bald March 4, 2002

Glaxo says prostate drug safe February 26, 2002

Experts Further Search for Answers, Improve Solutions to Refinement of Intricate Details Improve Current Treatments February 25, 2002

Users report benefits with Regaine data shows Regaine effective for hair regrowth and stopping further hair loss in men and women February 25, 2002

New studies suggest dutasteride significantly impacts the key components of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) disease. February 25, 2002

Minoxidil Finds Novel Indication In Hair Loss Prevention Following Rhytidectomy February 24, 2002

Sumitomo Electric develops hair root cell regenerator. February 4, 2002

Long-term (5-year) multinational experience with finasteride 1 mg in the treatment of men with androgenetic alopecia. January 12, 2002

Finasteride improves male pattern hair loss in a randomized study in identical twins January 10, 2002

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