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Hair Loss News and Headlines 2010

Hair loss Firm Wants Prince William As A Spokesman Dec 2010

A Hair Loss Researcher With Purpose Dec 2010

Silkskin pillowcases reduce wrinkles, prevent hair loss and frizz Dec 2010

Chemotherapy Hair Loss May Be Eradicated by Cold Cap Device Dec 2010

HairMax LaserComb Expands Internationally With Distribution In Iraq Dec 2010

Test of Allergan baldness remedy under way Dec 2010

Sara Wasserbauer, M.D. Uses Facebook to Give Away Hair Transplant Dec 2010

Stem cell hair follicle creates hope for the bald, lab animals Dec 2010

UCSF tests promising solutions for cancer hair loss Dec 2010

Prince: ‘Electric Guitar Stopped Baldness’ Dec 2010

10 hair straightening products centre of Health Canada warning Dec 2010

Birmingham wig specialist Pink Hair wins Small Business Award Dec 2010

Iron deficiency in female pattern hair loss, chronic telogen effluvium, and control groups Dec 2010

Is hair loss ruining your life Dec 2010

Association between smoking and hair loss Dec 2010

Hair loss during menopause treatable with right diagnosis Dec 2010

TV Gail's new hair loss blow Dec 2010

James Nesbitt has new head of hair Nov 2010

Chemo patient calls for hair loss warning Nov 2010

Efficacy and safety of finasteride therapy for androgenetic alopecia: a systematic review Nov 2010

Prince William Balding Nov 2010

HairMax LaserComb Expands International Distribution to Southeastern European Countries Nov 2010

Nutrition Tips for a Lifetime of Healthy Hair Nov 2010

Local dermatologist says black women are losing their hair faster than other races Nov 2010

Hair Loss, Irritation Blamed on Popular Hair Product Nov 2010

Iain Sallis Explains Trichotillamania – The Condition Which Sees Sufferers Literally Pull Their Hair Out Nov 2010

Aderans Research to Enroll 200th Subject in Clinical Trial Nov 2010

Celebrity Grooming Stylist Tips for a Flake Free Party Season Nov 2010

Cosmetic Breakthrough…… Instant Hair without Surgery! Nov 2010

84% Of hair salon owners recommend playing music Nov 2010

Miscommunication between NBA players brings awareness to alopecia, says Tampa dermatologist Nov 2010

Hair grooming practices and central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia Nov 2010

Unihair gets a grip on baldness Nov 2010

Hair loss and trichotillomania sufferers need more help Nov 2010

Image House Announces Open House for Women with Medically Induced Hair Loss Nov 2010

No shave November for six Flyers players Nov 2010

Hair Club Clients in Oklahoma City Now Offered Hair Transplant Surgery through Hair Club Medical Group Nov 2010

Dr. Gary Hitzig to Discuss Uses of MatriStem in Hair Restoration at Annual Scientific Meeting Nov 2010

New test helps determine best treatment for hair loss in women Nov 2010

Prince William is going bald Nov 2010

Baldness drug works, but some have sexual problems Nov 2010

Newcastle Announces Share Exchange Agreement With Trichoscience Innovations Oct 2010

Hair loss victims turn to caps, not doctors Oct 2010

Allergan tests treatment for baldness Oct 2010

Hair Club Comes to Queens and Offers Hair Transplant Surgery Through Hair Club Medical Group Oct 2010

Cancer victims hair loss services to expand Oct 2010

Baldness Drug Grows Hair But May Cause Sexual Problems Oct 2010

Winter weather damaging your hair ? Trichologist Iain Sallis tell you why, and how to combat it Oct 2010

Richfeel Trichology centre introduces Hair DX Test Oct 2010

CUMC Professor Discovers Genetic Basis for Hair Loss Oct 2010

New Genetic Androgen Sensitivity Test Helps Predict Finasteride Response in Female Hair Loss Sufferers Oct 2010

Teen cancer wig scheme helps 60 girls feel fabulous Oct 2010

Canada issues warning for popular hair product, Brazilian Blowout Oct 2010

How to cure baldness and banish onion breath per the 1856 Victorians' bible Oct 2010

Why Crash Diets can Ruin Your Locks Oct 2010

Dr Scott Boden Gives Connecticut Woman the Gift of Hair after Bout with Cancer Oct 2010

HairDX Genetic Hair Loss Tests Now Available in Mexico at Svenson Hair Centres Oct 2010

What Really is Good Hair Sept 2010

New Survey Finds Majority of People Cannot Detect a Hair Transplant Sept 2010

Cloning expected to represent future of hair transplantation Sept 2010

Follow-up of the efficacy of methotrexate alone or in combination with low doses of oral corticosteroids in the treatment of alopecia areata totalis or universalis Sept 2010

Hair Doctor Hat Puts A Hot Tub On Your Head Sept 2010

New Hope For Individuals With Alopecia Hair Loss Sept 2010

Miss Delaware Kayla Martell helps raise awareness of alopecia areata Sept 2010

Baldness less of an issue for the appeal of older men Sept 2010

Open House for Women with Medically Induced Hair Loss Sept 2010

Hair Transplant Surgeon Offers Free Hair Transplant Sept 2010

Lexington International Celebrates Its 10-Year Anniversary and Lists HairMax LaserComb Milestones Sept 2010

Renowned Hair Transplant and Restoration Specialist, Dr. Larry Shapiro, Selects TransMedia Group to Spearhead National Publicity Campaign Sept 2010

Treatment of alopecia areata with prednisone in a once-monthly oral pulse Sept 2010

The Naked Ape and hair loss Sept 2010

Womens grooming tips for thinning hair and hair loss Sept 2010

Head & Shoulders Insures Polamalu’s Hair for $1 Million Sept 2010

Ne-Yo's Teen Hair Loss Aug 2010

Hair Loss Expert Says Elin Nordegren is not the Only One Losing Her Hair as a Result of Stress Aug 2010

Hair loss and male menopause Aug 2010

Hair InXs – A Revolutionary Approach to Hair, Giving women the chance to be themselves Aug 2010

August is the 10th Annual Hair Loss Awareness Month Aug 2010

Stem Cell Researchers May Have Found Baldness Cure Aug 2010

Simple Summer Hair Styles Aug 2010

Starting the Rogaine Routine Aug 2010

NeoGraft™ Announces New Non-Surgical Treatment for Hair Loss and Thinning Aug 2010

Head&Shoulders Announces New Grooming Hair Stylist Aug 2010

Hair Care Products Can Deliver The Goods For Thinning And Textured Hair Aug 2010

British men fear going grey more than going bald, research claims Aug 2010

Hair Club® Announces Preventative Tips and Hair Loss Solutions for Women Aug 2010

Frontal fibrosing alopecia: to treat or not to treat? Aug 2010

Scarborough hosts first alopecia camp July 2010

Minoxidil in hair growth items July 2010

Starting the Rogaine routine for women July 2010

Sisters chop off their hair to raise money July 2010

Going bald to raise funds July 2010

Hair Facts July 2010

The politics of hair July 2010

The Myths & Truths Behind Thinning Hair and Hair Loss July 2010

New Study Implicates Autoimmune Mechanisms in Alopecia Areata July 2010

Efficacy, safety, and tolerability of dutasteride 0.5 mg once daily in male patients with male pattern hair loss July 2010

New Laser Cleared by Food and Drug Administration for the Treatment of Female Pattern Hair Loss July 2010

Dr. Alan Bauman of Bauman Medical Group Offers Expertise During National Hair Loss Awareness Month July 2010

Expert men's grooming tips for thinning hair and hair loss July 2010

World Renowned Expert in Hair, Dr. Ralph Trüeb Joins Lexington Int’l Medical Advisory Board July 2010

Natrol Launches Two New Beauty Supplements for Women July 2010

Metropolis develops screening test to predict genetic predisposition to baldness July 2010

Hormones and hair growth July 2010

Indians have world's best hair - Study July 2010

Laser comb may help combat women's hair loss July 2010

New hair loss service for cancer sufferers July 2010

Nanoguard for Hair Loss June 2010

Innovative use of spironolactone as an antiandrogen in the treatment of female pattern hair loss June 2010

Jenson Button becomes Head & Shoulders Ambassador June 2010

Samson Hair Restoration Announces Results of Study of Laser Hair Therapy in Combination With Hair Transplants June 2010

Genetic roots of some hair loss identified June 2010

Hair Transplant Surgery Now Available in Albuquerque, NM through Hair Club Medical Group June 2010

New Miss Delaware Says Bald Is Beautiful June 2010

5 mg/day finasteride treatment for normoandrogenic Asian women with female pattern hair loss June 2010

Acute diffuse and total alopecia: A new subtype of alopecia areata with a favorable prognosis June 2010

Metropolis develops screening test to predict genetic predisposition to baldness June 2010

Why Hair Restoration Surgery Is Helping More Women With Hair Loss Gain Confidence, Improve Self-Esteem June 2010

‘The World of Wigs, Weaves & Extensions’ (By Toni Love) Re-Released June 2010

Dr. True offers new NeoGraft device for hair transplants in North Texas June 2010

NeoGraft machine for hair transplants June 2010

Local salon teams with Relay for Life June 2010

Dr. Alan Bauman Issues Hair Transplant Alert – “Beware When Choosing a NeoGraft FUE Surgeon” June 2010

Study identifies possible cause of hair loss June 2010

Male androgenetic alopecia June 2010

Finasteride treatment of hair loss in women June 2010

Olanzapine Treats Trichotillomania June 2010

Gail Porter shows off a chic new look as her locks grow long enough to style June 2010

Hair loss treatment firm Follica grows funds with 7.5Million June 2010

Male Pattern Baldness May Be Related To Prostate Enlargement June 2010

Hair Loss Research Study Reveals Important Breakthrough in the Treatment of Male Pattern Baldness May 2010

Swedish Alopecia Conference Attended by Nanogen Thinning Hair Researchers May 2010 Founder, Susan Beausang Granted U.S. Patent for her Beaubeau Scarf May 2010

HairMax LaserComb Face Book Site Announces Essay Contest May 2010

New Zealand men worried about appearance May 2010

Cloning Leads To Breakthrough Baldness Treatments May 2010

Thyroid Gland Triggers Post-Delivery Hair Loss May 2010

Hair loss in women tied to genes May 2010

Malaysian society committed to fighting hair loss gains popularity May 2010

African Americans at Risk for Hair Loss May 2010

Hair relaxers can cause baldness May 2010

Good Look Ink Announces Revolutionary Hair Replication Solution May 2010

Men worry about moobs, noses and hair loss May 2010

Thinning Hair Researchers Nanogen Invited to Prestigious Swiss Dermatology Conference May 2010

Ryan Giggs Hair Loss Treatment May 2010

Transitions International Group Donates Hair to Help with Gulf Coast Oil Spill Cleanup May 2010

Independent Hair Fibres Comparison Rates Nanogen’s Nanofibres as the Best Hair Camouflage May 2010

Losing Your Hair? Your Genes are Only Partly to Blame May 2010

New test offers a smooth heads-up May 2010

Open House For Women Struggling With Hair Loss May 2010

Hair Club Celebrates 34 Years of Helping Men and Women with Their Hair Loss May 2010

Stress increases risk of hair loss May 2010

Portugal coach Queiroz losing hair over scoring woes May 2010

Dr. Alan Bauman First to Demonstrate NeoGraft Hair Transplant at ISHRS Live Surgery Workshop April 2010

Androgenetic Alopecia Common Cause of Hair Loss in Adolescents April 2010

Alopecia (Hair Loss) Therapy Area Pipeline Report - New Market Report Published April 2010

Hair Club Offers Hair Loss Solutions as Title Sponsor of the 17th Annual TLC Conference April 2010

Bolivian President Evo Morales blames transgenic food for homosexuality and baldness April 2010

Cellular Channel May Open Doors to Skin Conditions, Hair Growth April 2010

Genetic Hair Loss Tests Available In Hong Kong And Singapore April 2010

Thinning Hair Experts Nanogen Continue to Build European Distribution April 2010

Gene linked to hair loss discovered by scientists April 2010

Whey Protein Isolate damages and accelerates hair loss April 2010

Consumer Reports Health Poll: 53% of Men Say Baldness Treatments Are Overhyped; Best Remedy May Be Acceptance April 2010

Treating Hair Loss in Women April 2010

Hair Loss Treatment Pioneers Nanogen Expand Into Syria and Lebanon March 2010

Hair Transplants Come of Age March 2010

Hair Extensions Or Hair Loss March 2010

The Pill can lead to hair loss March 2010

Research and Markets offers a new report on the alopecia therapy area pipeline March 2010

Good news for bald men at last: Hair loss almost halves the risk of prostate cancer March 2010

Man Utd hero Rooney: Improved headed goals down to bald patch March 2010

Nanogen to Showcase its Hair Loss Treatment Product Line At 'Hairstyle 2010’ in Rotterdam March 2010

HairTracker for hair loss Iphone App March 2010

Tapping into hair loss industry March 2010

Dermatologist speaks about common forms of hair loss and treatment options at 68th Annual Meeting March 2010

Steroids and weight loss products can accelerate hair loss, says hair loss expert March 2010

Spotting Prince William’s hair loss March 2010

Women who took chemo drug say they weren't warned of permanent hair loss March 2010

Hair Regeneration Clinical Study Feb 2010

New Hair Loss Treatment Clinical Trials Feb 2010

Study indicates Finasteride therapy may benefit women suffering from hair loss Feb 2010

Losing Your Hair? Your Genes are Only Partly to Blame, Says One of World's Leading Experts on Hair Loss Feb 2010

Company tackling male baldness Feb 2010

Hair extensions should be banned Feb 2010

HairDX introduces improved genetic baldness test Feb 2010

Hair Restoration Surgeon Expertly Performs Modified Scalp Reduction for Cancer Survivor Feb 2010

Hair Club looks at hair loss and relationships Feb 2010

Confusion over high tech hair loss aids Feb 2010

Crash diets and stress can lead to hair loss Feb 2010

Tulsa Restaurant Trims Prices Based On Baldness Feb 2010

Survey Most think stress hair loss cause Feb 2010

Hair Loss Poll: Bald Guys Look Like Big Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) Fans Jan 2010

Hair Cloning Not Yet Recommended by Researchers Who Developed the Technique Jan 2010

Baldness tablets don't work, says lawsuit Jan 2010

Dandruff and hair loss Jan 2010

Guinness - a cure for baldness Jan 2010

Topical Bexarotene for Hair Regrowth in Alopecia Areata Jan 2010

Genetic Hair Loss Test Reaches South Africa Jan 2010

Researchers Develop First Successful Hair Cloning Technique Jan 2010

HIS Hair Clinic is Making its Mark on the World with their Novel Treatment for Hair Loss Jan 2010

Laser Comb, Cloning to Re-grow Hair Jan 2010

FUE Hair Transplant with NeoGraft on CBS Show Jan 2010

NHS Chiefs spend £4 million on wigs Jan 2010

New Survey by Finds Strong Interest in Hair Replacement from Men and Women Jan 2010

Sex therapy doc jailed for hell of hair loss patient Jan 2010

Pupil claims teacher caused baldness Jan 2010

Bald bankers whacked in arcade game Jan 2010

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