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Hair Loss News and Headlines 2005

Bald is beautiful and dhoti is fashionable in the saffron brigade Dec 2005

Root Cause - After nature gives up, technology can help perk up your mane Dec 2005

A tech-homoeo hair loss remedy Dec 2005

'Hair op' kept actor from court Dec 2005

Hair Follicle Stem Cells Contribute to Wound Healing, According to New Penn Study Dec 2005

New tech to end hair problems Dec 2005

Player banned in hair case Dec 2005

Samson Hair Restoration Announces Affiliation with Anagen Staffing Dec 2005

Men left scratching their heads over inability to stop hair loss Dec 2005

Hair-growth pill hits market Dec 2005

Getting To The Root Of Hair Loss Dec 2005

Hair cure of the human' may harm cats Dec 2005

Fighting a 'losing' battle - Hair Loss Dec 2005

Jumping for soy - Soya and hair loss Dec 2005

Gray or thinning hair. It can be the first sign of aging. Dec 2005

South Korean medical firm offers stem cell treatment to foreigners Nov 2005

Stratifin gene defect leading to abnormal skin development and cancer identified Nov 2005

Saving the lives of many Nov 2005

Hair follicle stem cells repair nerve damage Nov 2005

Hair Restoration Society Completes Survey, Results Support Recognition as Medical Discipline Nov 2005

An end to baldness - for those who can stomach it Nov 2005

Prince William reportedly worried about going bald Nov 2005

Health Canada to ban chemical in men's hair dye Nov 2005

No hair-raising news is this Nov 2005

Scientists Study How to Make a Bald Head Hairy Again Nov 2005

Restoring Hair and Self Confidence Nov 2005

Hair They Are: Two New England Winners Chosen for National ''Make Hair Loss History'' Contest Nov 2005

Hair and how Oct 2005

Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Appears to Prevent Hair Loss Oct 2005

Hair today, gone tomorrow Oct 2005

Local Coffee Roaster Introduces Bald Lady Coffee Oct 2005

Keep bald heads happy Oct 2005

Radiation adjustment can stop hair loss Oct 2005

Starve your way to a shiny pate Oct 2005

Scientists isolate baldness gene Oct 2005

Dieting Can Cause Hair Loss Oct 2005

Boffin finds bald gene Oct 2005

New Radiation Technique Helps Brain Cancer Patients Keep Their Hair Oct 2005

Hair Loss in Women With Cancer Oct 2005

Hawkins sings of baldness fears Oct 2005

Japan Drug Maker Banyu to Import Oral Drug for Hair Loss Oct 2005

Argentine acknowledges positive drug test Oct 2005

Stop Stripping: Your Hair Deserves Better Oct 2005

What Women Will Overlook When Settling Down Oct 2005

Hair-raising Stem Cells Identified: Study Shows That Follicles Contain Bonafide Multipotent Stem Cells Oct 2005

Natural Baldness Treatment Is A Growing Success Oct 2005

The secrets to hiding celebrities' hair loss Oct 2005

Tips for Preventing, Fixing Female Hair Loss Oct 2005

Male Pattern Baldness Is Inherited Through the Mother Oct 2005

Jefferson Scientists Identify Gene Defect Leading To Abnormal Skin Development And Cancer Oct 2005

Give that fine hair a big boost Oct 2005

Bad hair day: Living with female hair loss Sept 2005

Top Doctors Gather at Annual International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Convention in Sydney, Australia Sept 2005

Hair loss can cause anxiety in men Sept 2005

Homoeopathy offers cure for hair loss Sept 2005

A serious falling-out Sept 2005

Experimental Gene Therapy Grows Hair Sept 2005

Hair Restoration’s Cutting Edge Sept 2005

HairMax LaserComb Clinical Trial Update Sept 2005

Students learn about Alopecia disease Sept 2005

Curis and Procter & Gamble Enter into R&D Agreement for Hair Growth Program Sept 2005

Changes in diet can sometimes lead to hair loss Sept 2005

Tsumura Elucidates That White Mulberry Extract May Help Prevent Hair Loss Sept 2005

Losing your hair? It could be stress Sept 2005

Dieters beware ... of hair loss Sept 2005

Frail Gail battles Alopecia Sept 2005

Hair care with herbs Sept 2005

L'Oreal's Third International Symposium on Ethnic Hair and Skin Sept 2005

Bald Fans Get In Free at Perris On Saturday Sept 2005

Nanotechnology Confronts the 'Bad Hair Day,' Tests New Conditioner Sept 2005

Putting the covers on - Advanced Hair Studio Sept 2005

Hurricane, high gas prices cut Bald is Beautiful convention Sept 2005

More men, companies becoming hair aware Sept 2005

Style-conscious China city flags down bald cabbies Sept 2005

Mouse might clean up for humans Sept 2005

Surgical Hair Transplants Are Not Just for Men Sept 2005

Hedgehog Agonists Modulate Hair Growth Sept 2005

Woman Sells Head For Tattoo Ad Aug 2005

LaserComb's promise of thicker, healthier hair is put to the test Aug 2005

Shaggy Mice May Hold Key to Cure for Baldness Aug 2005

A turn-on for bald men Aug 2005

And hair comes the good news Aug 2005

Androgenetic alopecia: Does its presence change our perceptions? Aug 2005

Now one can have a wig made of real human hair Aug 2005

Bald is beautiful - And it can help fight children's cancer, too. Aug 2005

Panacea Biotec in-licenses novel technology for hair growth Aug 2005

Bald, paunchy men are not sexy - official Aug 2005

Dateline NBC Re-Examines Their “Follicle 5” Aug 2005

More Hair Apparent Aug 2005

New hair transplant for Berlusconi Aug 2005

NHS offers balding women hair extensions Aug 2005

Six-year-old donates her hair Aug 2005

Pioneering Dermatologic Surgeon Launches Hair Loss Super Site Aug 2005

From Mohican to the mullet - a history of bad hair Aug 2005

Six Percent of Women Suffer from Hair Loss; No Difference Between Sexes Aug 2005

UK Watchdogs: 'Hunks' Must Be Hefty or Bald July 2005

Bald is Beautiful! Two Books Help Kids Deal with Hairloss and Gain Self-Acceptance July 2005

Ref helps me cope with being bald - Kid July 2005

Gone Today. Hair Tomorrow? July 2005

CASE acts on complaints against hair care centres July 2005

Cosmo Oil to commercialize hair growth tonic made of amino acid July 2005

Man wants hair, but state doesn't need 'toupee' July 2005

Hair transplants hold key to power, says Berlusconi July 2005

Hair's the thing for Hong Kong employers July 2005

Lion Develops Innovative Retardant for Male Hair Loss July 2005

National Hair Loss Awareness Month July 2005

Hair-raising agenda for hirsute forum July 2005

Cheryl Baker: How I beat the misery of hair loss June 2005

Having a Bad Hair Day? If You Smoke, There's Something You Can Do About It June 2005

Woman claims CVS gave her bald meds for allergy script June 2005

Vain Italians insure against baldness June 2005

Spin king's new hair battle June 2005

Drop in female hormones attributed to hair loss in women June 2005

Genes in male-pattern baldness identified June 2005

Study links hair dyes to cancer June 2005

Hair is Hot June 2005

Collector won't give Neil Armstrong hair back June 2005

Hair growth induced by diode laser treatment May 2005

Major Advancement in Hair Restoration in Los Angeles May 2005

Where did my hair go? Why men go bald May 2005

Dermatologist says artificial hair triggers baldness May 2005

Blame your receding hairline on your mother May 2005

Hair loss and Menopause May 2005

New data supports lignans’ potential for men’s health May 2005

The lack of significant changes in scalp hair follicle density with advancing age May 2005

GM soybeans stop hair loss May 2005

Steroidal antiandrogens and 5alpha-reductase inhibitors May 2005

Chinese medicine nearly killed me May 2005

Two mouse mutations mapped to chromosome 11 with differing morphologies but similar progressive inflammatory alopecia May 2005

Skin-deep cells could bring cure for baldness May 2005

The lack of significant changes in scalp hair follicle density with advancing age April 2005

Hair Club customer flips lid over head tumor April 2005

Pilot Study Suggests Flax Lignans Help With Hair Loss April 2005

Bar told hair loss sufferer 'take off your cap or leave' April 2005

Water polo player banned for hair drug April 2005

Topical application of ketoconazole stimulates hair growth in C3H/HeN mice April 2005

Hair cycle-specific expression of versican in human hair follicles April 2005

Bald truth about attracting voters April 2005

New Studies Shed Light On Science of Reversing Baldness April 2005

Modified soybean could offer hair loss cure April 2005

Hair Regeneration Therapy April 2005

Court: It's OK to disparage hair company in cyberspace April 2005

Adult stem cells found in mouse hair follicles April 2005

Hair loss cures grow into 55 bil. yen market March 2005

Hair Stem Cells Not Just for Baldness March 2005

Is stress making David Beckham lose his hair? March 2005

You are not Bald - Just Comb-free March 2005

Say Goodbye to Rogaine and Hello to France's Healthy Hair Discovery March 2005

Himalaya launches 'Hair Loss Cream' March 2005

Japan's battle for hair loss solutions heats up March 2005

Bald Is Beautiful March 2005

Treatment of female pattern hair loss with oral antiandrogens March 2005

Volunteers Needed March 2005

Hollywood Celebrities with Hair Loss Turn to the $300 CoolPiece March 2005

Gulf Biomedical Corporation To Launch National Sales Campaign Feb 2005

Taisho wins Japan OK for RiUP women's hair tonic Feb 2005

In praise of bald men Feb 2005

Few willing 'toupee' for easy baldness remedy Feb 2005

European Hair Institute Announces an Innovative Advancement in Hair Replacement for Women Feb 2005

Laser Comb Touted As New Way To Fight Hair Loss Feb 2005

Is a Hair Transplant Deductible? Feb 2005

Baldness a Health Risk? Feb 2005

Chronic telogen effluvium: a study of 5 patients over 7 years Feb 2005

North Korea Declares War on Long Hair Feb 2005

Congenital alopecia areata Feb 2005

Hair loss can cause anxiety in men Jan 2005

New Book Offers Answers for Female Hair Loss Sufferers Jan 2005

Study claims caffeine slows baldness Jan 2005

Hair Loss Patients See Surprising Results Jan 2005

Hair-growth market getting second wind Jan 2005

Does hair influence attraction between sexes? Jan 2005

European Hair Institute Announces the Release of a Revolutionary New Technology in Men’s Hair Replacement Jan 2005

Hair cell hope for hearing loss Jan 2005

Saving face: Men discover Botox, cosmetic tricks Jan 2005

Wig bank to help cancer patients handle hair loss Jan 2005

New hair loss patent Jan 2005

Medical Hair Restoration Wants Business To Grow Jan 2005

Reported hair loss prompts tests Jan 2005

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