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Hair Loss News and Headlines 2007

Will Prince William shoot an advert for an anti-hairloss product Dec 2007

Bald facts for women experiencing hair loss Dec 2007

Romario gets 120 day ban for using hair loss drug Dec 2007

Is America ready for a bald president? Dec 2007

Bald or hairy: rule of thumb for Russian leaders Dec 2007

New Rush clinic tackles ethnic skin troubles Dec 2007

Medicines offer hope for hair regrowth Dec 2007

Smoking Linked To Hair Loss Dec 2007

Hair Loss Plus Big Babies Equals Bipedalism Dec 2007

Bald Mannequin To Go On Vacation Dec 2007

Hidden numbers of Ulster women battling hair loss Dec 2007

Women lose their hair too Dec 2007

Lexington International, LLC Expands Advisory Board Dec 2007

Record numbers suffer hair loss Dec 2007

Romario fails doping test, blames hair loss treatment Dec 2007

British women's hair loss 'from stress' Dec 2007

Clinic sued over hair transplant ads Dec 2007

Developing A Bald Patch? It Could Be A Hidden Tooth Infection Nov 2007

Study shows smoking worsens male baldness Nov 2007

Bad Heir Day For Balding William Nov 2007

Asian smokers 'face hair loss' Nov 2007

Strain and stress that goes to the head Nov 2007

HairConfirm hair follicle multidrug test kit Nov 2007

New medical advances for women losing hair Nov 2007

Foaming Rogaine has advantages, expert says Nov 2007

Products promise to slow facial hair growth Nov 2007

Treating baldness with laser light Nov 2007

Hair loss treatments for women Oct 2007

Bald girls invited to do lunch Oct 2007

Menopause Hair Loss Risk Oct 2007

Hair-raising ideas to cure baldness Oct 2007

Gang jailed for fake Propecia scam Oct 2007

Chlorine Linked to Hair Damage, Not Balding Oct 2007

Are You A Good Looking Young Man Who Is Losing His Hair? Oct 2007

Fact or Fiction?: Stress Causes Gray Hair Oct 2007

Hope, not hype, helps women cope with thinning hair Oct 2007

The American Hair Loss Association Recommends Farrell Hair Replacement Sept 2007

Emu Oil - The Next Big Thing in Hair Care Products Sept 2007

The Women's Hair Loss Project Provides Hope, Acceptance and Support Sept 2007

NewImage Launches Medical Hair Restoration Solutions Sept 2007

Sunetics Sees Surge in Demand for Hair Loss Laser Sept 2007

Ashley & Martin Medical Hair Care Centre Counters Misleading Statements Sept 2007

New Hope To Help With Hair Loss Sept 2007

American Hair Loss Association's Blog Helps With Alopecia Sept 2007

Hair Restoration Center Wins Award for Website Sept 2007

Bald is Beautiful Sept 2007

Women warned of hair iron dangers Sept 2007

Bald Man Accused in Hair-Loss Theft Sept 2007

Boots Introduces New Product for Thinning Hair Sept 2007

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Hosts 15th Annual Scientific Meeting in Las Vegas Sept 2007

Ponting shows off new head of hair Sept 2007

Prostate drug cleared of causing aggressive tumors Sept 2007

Eureka! Father and son make hair grow with magic beans Sept 2007

Spray that can stop a woman's hair from thinning Sept 2007

Guys talk grooming Sept 2007

Hair Loss Radio Show Shines Bright Light on FDA 'Cleared' Laser Comb Sept 2007

Brits of 17th Century Used Chicken Dung to Prevent Them Going Bald! Sept 2007

Attempts At Saving His Hair Get Lazaridis A Year Ban Aug 2007

Why children who braid it like Beckham risk losing hair Aug 2007

Bald men 'save more' Aug 2007

Female Baldness: Finding Help for the Medical and Psychological Impacts Aug 2007

Hair transplants up by 42 per cent over two years in Canada Aug 2007

Hair-growth drug leads to suspension Aug 2007

Hair Loss Radio Show Goes Prime-time Aug 2007

Longhairlovers Honors Hair Loss Awareness Month with Scientifically-Backed Natural Hair Growth Formula Aug 2007

Walken pulls at his hair to keep baldness at bay Aug 2007

You may have more hair Mr President, but I've got more testosterone, says the BBC's political editor Aug 2007

Pissilli Fails Drugs Test Aug 2007

New Laser Light Treatment Improves Hair Loss Aug 2007

Women's Hair Loss: A Deep-Rooted Emotional Issue July 2007

Hilary Swank to spearhead cancer hair-loss campaign July 2007

FDA Approves Extina for the Treatment of Seborrheic Dermatitis July 2007

Hair Transplant Surgeon Appointed Clinical Professor at Columbia University July 2007

Laser helmet could bring back helmet of hair July 2007

Top Seven Health Risks Leading to Women's Hair Loss July 2007

Antibiotic could prevent hair-loss July 2007

Natural hair loss formulations show up competition July 2007

Columbia Professor Named Among Best Doctors in NY Magazine for Hair Restoration Surgery June 2007

Hair Loss Patterns in Chemotherapy-Induced Anagen Effluvium June 2007

Young Men Outpace Dads in Hair Transplants According to New Hair Loss Survey June 2007

New Survey Finds Hair Restoration Procedures Performed Worldwide Increased 34 Percent in 2006 June 2007

Are Pharmas Addicted to Lifestyle Drugs? June 2007

Paying big bucks to restore locks June 2007

World's top experts put hair problems in perspective June 2007

New Study By Bosley Shows Love in In The Hair June 2007

Free Seminar on the Latest Techniques in Hair Restoration June 2007

Hair Researchers Gather for World’s Largest Hair Congress June 2007

Innovative Hair Loss Treatment Dermenodex Sold Exclusively at Folica June 2007

Can Coffee Help With Hair Loss? June 2007

American Beauty Supply Launches Innovative Hair Loss Treatment Dermenodex June 2007

Preventing Black Women’s Hair Breakage June 2007

Embracing baldness for a cure June 2007

Auriga Laboratories Acquires Exclusive U.S. Rights to New Hair Loss Product June 2007

Loss of Stem Cells Correlates With Premature Aging June 2007

Saudi Arabia: Over $ 320 Million Spent Annually on Hair loss Products May 2007

Firm rapped over Warne hair-loss ad May 2007

Unilever introduces latest anti-dandruff technology to combat white flakes May 2007

Survey Finds Men Prize Hair More than Cars, Plasma TVs May 2007

New Report Asks Consumers the Tough Questions on Their Attitudes to Hair Loss Products May 2007

A new possibility for hair growth May 2007

Hair Loss In Woman - Causes And Treatment May 2007

Follica Developing Breakthrough Discovery to Treat Hair Loss, Wounds and Other Degenerative Skin Disorders May 2007

No More Bald People May 2007

Hair today, gone tomorrow May 2007

Lock that zipper to help keep your mane thicker May 2007

Australia scientists announce cancer drug breakthrough without hair loss side effect May 2007

Curis Provides Update on Hedgehog Agonist Hair Growth Program May 2007

A strand of hair may reveal cancer risk May 2007

Hair Today…Brits Show Concern About Losing Their Locks May 2007

Prison inmate demands bald cure May 2007

Baldness Detection Devices Featured in Medical Journal May 2007

Is balding an indicator of more rapid aging and a shorter life span? May 2007

Baldness Drug Raises Prostate Concerns April 2007

Primary Cicatricial Alopecia: Clinical Features and Management April 2007

Woman Sues After Husband Dies During Hair Transplant April 2007

CHALET Hair Stimulant for both men and women April 2007

Mens Health today releases its 3rd annual Grooming Awards" April 2007

Can Coffee Stimulate Hair Growth? April 2007

Hair loss a thing of the past with Wella System Professional Energy Line April 2007

National Starch Personal Care Introduces DERMACRYL® C Film Forming Polymer for Color Cosmetics Applications April 2007

New UK Survey - Hair Thinning and Hair Loss April 2007

Human Skin And Hair Disorder May Be Aided Through Sheep Gene Research April 2007

Gels, wax or paste: new styling products for men's hair April 2007

Get Longer, Thicker Eyelashes With Transplant April 2007

Hair Club for Men sues poaching stylists over its thinning ranks April 2007

Can steak really cure baldness? April 2007

Reverse the effects of aging with hair plugs April 2007

McMahon's (hair) loss is Trump's win April 2007

Five things you didn't know about female hair loss March 2007

Beware of hair loss reversal promises March 2007

Bald is Not Beautiful March 2007

Medical Spa for Men Men's Renaissance Health Centers Opens in Los Angeles March 2007

Bald? Take a dram of burnt bees March 2007

Scientist Discover the Cellular Roots of Graying Hair March 2007

Top Five Hair Loss Myths March 2007

Cancer Researchers Add Spice To Research Against Rare Neuromuscular Disease March 2007

Put an end to bad hair days March 2007

International society of hair restoration surgery hosts Asian Workshop March 2007

Grasping at strands for baldness remedies March 2007

Hair buzz as Cameron moves left March 2007

An unusual innovation in hair care March 2007

Australian footballer, Lazaridis tests positive for hair-loss treatment March 2007

The Battle Against Hair Loss: Sunetics Laser Hair Brush to be a Featured Item on NBC's Today Show March 2007

Seeing Life Without Hair March 2007

Have Scientists Accidentally Discovered The Cure For Hair loss? March 2007

The New Niche: Hair Care for Men Without March 2007

The Efficacy And Safety Of Dutasteride 0.5mg Once Daily For 6 Months In The Treatment Of Male Subjects With Androgenetic Alopecia March 2007

Utah to Benefit From Hair Transplantation Revolutionaries March 2007

Hair Replacement Surgeon Announces New Surgical Blade and Transplant Technique March 2007

New Hair Loss Treatment: Eight Things Consumers Should Know Before Getting Laser Therapy March 2007

Bank your body and Hair March 2007

Man jailed for stealing women's hair March 2007

Bald Britney barely a trendsetter Feb 2007

Advanced Skin and Hair, Inc. announces new improvements to Revivogen natural Anti-DHT formula for hair loss and thinning hair Feb 2007

Hair gets sold in Asia, ends up on women's heads in U.S. Feb 2007

Help Make Balding & Thinning Hair Just A Memory Feb 2007

Spearmint May Cut Excess Hair in Women Feb 2007

FDA Clears the HairMax LaserComb as the World's First At-Hair Loss Device to Promote Hair Growth Feb 2007

Women’s hair shows how they see selves Feb 2007

How Much Would You Pay for Britney's Hair? Feb 2007

City plastic surgeons can give you a hair-raising experience Feb 2007

Bald Britney Makes Headlines Feb 2007

Bald readers stop here! Feb 2007

Gaunitz Launches Successful Hair Regeneration Program Worldwide Feb 2007

Experts rule out link between dandruff and dietary system Feb 2007

Firm says its bald comb has teeth Feb 2007

Beatson Ahead With Coolers to Stop Hair Loss Feb 2007

Allergy To Hair Dye Increasing Feb 2007

A New Treatment for Hair Loss Jan 2007

Coffee could hold the cure for baldness Jan 2007

Hair pulling disorder resistant to treatment Jan 2007

Over 80 Clinical Studies Prove New Apple-derived Treatment Improves Hair Growth Without Side Effects Jan 2007

Abnormal hair development and apparent follicular transformation to mammary gland in the absence of Hedgehog signaling. Jan 2007

Neosil Announces Positive Phase 2 Data for NEOSH10 - Treatment for Androgenetic Alopecia Jan 2007

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