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Hair Loss News and Headlines 2008

HairDX Genetic Test Collection Kit Now Listed With Japanese PMDA and U.S. FDA Dec 2008

Survey reveals hair is the mane attraction Dec 2008

Hair Loss Sufferers Spend Up To £20,000 To Look Like Johnny Depp And Jennifer Aniston Dec 2008

Bald head offers no vitamin D advantage Dec 2008

Drug trial to end bad hair days for bald women Dec 2008

Hair Transplant Surgeons to Release Authoritative Book on Hair Restoration Dec 2008

Spencer Forrest's X5 Web Site Gets a Facelift - Aims to Educate Consumers About Beating Hair Loss Nov 2008

Cosmo Oil to Diversify Into Selling Bald Cure in Aging Japan Nov 2008

New research finds way to restore colour to white hair following illness Nov 2008

Fawlty follicles: John Cleese admits to hair transplant Nov 2008

New Reality Show Hair Loss Confidential Launches First Webisode Nov 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow: Tracking hair loss and growth Oct 2008

Next Generation of Genetic Test For Baldness Unveiled By HairDX Oct 2008

Mysterious Disfiguring Disorder Responsible For Hair Loss in Over 11 Million American Women Oct 2008

Bald Heads Wanted Oct 2008

Korean FDA Approval of the HairMax LaserComb Oct 2008

Dads can pass on bald genes Oct 2008

Discovery Of Baldness Gene: 1 In 7 Men At Risk Oct 2008

Hair Drug Ban Lifted Oct 2008

Nutreve International Launches Comprehensive Hair Loss Solution Products Oct 2008

Clinical Trial Of A Genetically Tailored Therapy For Female Baldness To Start Oct 2008

October Breast Cancer Awareness Month Oct 2008

Soy May Help Men Protect Against Baldness Oct 2008

Wayne Rooney dubbed Bobby Charlton by team-mates because he's going bald Sept 2008

Going bald? Then just slip your top off & I'll massage your breasts Sept 2008

Hair Genesis Paying for Print Advertising in a New Way via MediaBids Sept 2008

Speedwinds Nutrition Acquires Female Hair Loss Product Line Sephren Sept 2008

Baldness Pattern: A New Cold War Analysis Sept 2008

Athlete kicked out of Paralympics for Using Finasteride Sept 2008

September Is Alopecia Awareness Month Sept 2008

Spencer Forrest Begins Clinical Trials on the X5 Hair Laser, Sets Sights on Beating Genetic Hair Loss Sept 2008

David Beckham Scared Of Going Bald And Fat Sept 2008

Procter & Gamble buys Georgia-based scalp care products maker Nioxin Research Laboratories Sept 2008

Hair Loss During Pregnancy Sept 2008

Men, Woman and Kids to Shave Heads Bald to Raise Money for Childhood Cancer Research in West Orange, N.J. Sept 2008

Cosmo Successfully Completes the First Phase I Clinical Trial of its Anti-Androgen, CB-03-01, for the Treatment of Skin Disorders Sept 2008

Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Draws Attention to Hair Transplants Aug 2008

Hair Styles for Old Codgers Aug 2008

Heads-up study of hair dynamics may lead to better hair-care products Aug 2008

Hair loss clinic to be featured on TV show August 2008

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Hosts 16th Annual Scientific Meeting in Montreal, September 3-7, 2008 August 2008

Baldness drug has cats licked August 2008

Follica Raise 11 Million for Hair Loss Treatment Approach August 2008

Improved Hair Loss Treatments on Horizon August 2008

DJ's support for hair loss sufferers August 2008

Mouse Study Finds Molecule That Tells Hair to Grow July 2008

Hair Loss Reality TV Show July 2008

Hair Loss and Stress July 2008

Dyer Threatens Legal Action For Hair Loss July 2008

Hair Loss and Camel Spit July 2008

ProFolla Silk® formulated for Black and African American Hair Care July 2008

UK man sentenced for dealing in fake medicines July 2008

Your Hair or Your Wife? June 2008

HairDX Selling Genetic Baldness Test To Physicians Only June 2008

Genetic Test For Baldness June 2008

Sailor Udi Gal tests positive for controlled substance - Finastaride June 2008

Hair Restoration Surgeon named NYC 'Best Doctor' for 9 Years in a Row June 2008

Quick Test May Help Spot Male Hair Loss June 2008

Nourkrin - TV Campaign raises sales and hair June 2008

ISHRS Online Survey Challenges Public to Identify Hair Transplant Patients June 2008

Laser Device Enters Clinical Trials for Treatment of Male Pattern Baldness June 2008

Smoking Can Cause Hair Loss June 2008

Cure For Premature Hair Loss June 2008

Unique Product for Balding Men May 2008

Air pollution 'can make you bald' May 2008

Scientists link baldness to weight-lifting April 2008

Revolutionary Genetic Test For Womens Hair Loss Launched April 2008

Intenational Society of Hair Restoration Surgery hosts workshop in Seoul April 2008

Hair Loss Treatment Linked to Tony Blair's Heart Scare April 2008

Studies Don't Support Common Treatments for Patchy Hair Loss April 2008

Baldness is not a disability April 2008

Onion juice may help patchy hair loss April 2008

Study debunks heart attack-male baldness link April 2008

CEOs say baldness won't take away their shine March 2008

Carotech patents hair regrowth formula March 2008

Nanomedicine Prototype Affects Hair Growth March 2008

Cure for Baldness March 2008

Bosley and Hairdx Team Up With Genetic Testing for Male Baldness March 2008

Dynamic Hair Products March 2008

Soldier gets benefits for baldness Feb 2008

Scientists find genetic keys to inherited hair loss Feb 2008

Doctors To Offer New Genetic Test For Baldness Feb 2008

Hair loss and Chlorine Feb 2008

Nourkrin for Hair Loss Feb 2008

Better to go bald than get busted Feb 2008

Stem cell and hair loss Feb 2008

Balding man out-of-court settlement for lack of hair growth Feb 2008

Locks of love will be needed this Valentine's Day Feb 2008

Prince William pulls his hair out over his thinning crown Feb 2008

Scalp transplant eyed as a cure for baldness Feb 2008

Do not Let Hair Loss Tangle You Up Feb 2008

Breakthrough Genetic Test For Baldness Feb 2008

Baldness - One of men’s greatest fears? Jan 2008

Bi-Annual Hair Loss Treatment Hair Restoration Conference in Florida Jan 2008

A Bald President Jan 2008

Rogaine Seeks Place in the Morning Routine Jan 2008

Leading Hair Restoration Surgeon Sharon Keene, MD, Joins Advisory Board Of HairDX Jan 2008

Spanish footballer banned for hair loss drug Jan 2008

Chinese firm opens first hair health center in Vietnam Jan 2008

MiN New York Unveils Answer to Hair Loss Jan 2008

Test For Male Baldness Being Launched Jan 2008

Nerve Regeneration May Be Possible Using Protein In Human Hair Jan 2008

Women's Hair Loss Survey Debunks Myths Jan 2008

Medicines offer hope for regrowth of hair Jan 2008

Hair-growth tech attracts $5.5M first round Jan 2008

Farrell Hair Replacement Announces the Farrell 2008 US and International Tour Dates Jan 2008

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