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Hair Loss News and Headlines 2004

Alopecia Areata and Psychiatric Disorders Dec 2004

Tight Braids and Ponytails Can Cause Your Hair to Fall Out Dec 2004

Don't call it fur! Dec 2004

Hair loss solutions sproutDec 2004

Gray hair yielding cancer clues, researchers find Dec 2004

Berlusconi happy about new hair Dec 2004

Dateline Puts The Hairmax Lasercomb™ To The Challenge Dec 2004

A caffeine cure for hair loss Dec2004

Ephrin Increases Hair Roots Dec 2004

Shiseido to launch hair loss treatment Dec 2004

OFT to crack down on the 'miracle cure' merchants Dec 2004

Innovative solutions to prevent hair loss and baldness hit Dubai Nov 2004

The Follicle Five: Battle against baldness Nov 2004

The Follicle Five: Battle against baldness Part 2 Nov 2004

Can shark pills reverse the misery of hair loss? Nov 2004

Woman hauls company into court over hair dye Nov 2004

Caffeine prevents hair loss, claim Nov 2004

Prince William Baldness Feared Nov 2004

Now, a clinic for the bald and bountiful Nov 2004

New technology boost thanks to generosity Nov 2004

Regis to Buy Hair Club for Men and Women Nov 2004

Mouse model gives insight to human hair loss Nov 2004

Hair's lookin' at you! Nov 2004

Food Helps Reduce Hair Loss Nov 2004

Of bald truths & hair-raising facts Nov 2004

Hair Cloning Nears Reality as Baldness Cure Nov 2004

Hair Loss in Women: How to Combat the Loss of Locks Oct 2004

Alopecia: It's no fashion statement Oct 2004

The Roots of the 'Baldy City' Ranking Oct 2004

Different gene expression profile observed in dermal papilla cells Oct 2004

Finasteride treatment of patterned hair loss in normoandrogenic postmenopausal women Sept 2004

Funny science' gets its reward Sept 2004

Warning on Internet Drugs Sept 2004

China bald men's club offers chance to let hair down Sept 2004

New substances added to WADA’s banned drugs list Sept 2004

Man has hair stolen Sept 2004

Bald pate means free plate under Lodi restaurant's deal Sept 2004

Bald facts about money Sept 2004

Cells May Grow New Hair, Skin Sept 2004

August Is National Hair Loss Month Aug 2004

Diseases on hair follicles leading to hair loss Aug 2004

Cloning Hair Cells Aug 2004

The reliability of horizontally sectioned scalp biopsies in the diagnosis of chronic diffuse telogen hair loss in women Aug 2004

An Open, Randomized, Comparative Study of Oral Finasteride and 5% Topical Minoxidil in Male Androgenetic Alopecia Aug 2004

New Product Grows Hair Up to 50% Faster than Normal Aug 2004

Australian Physicians Transplant Their Revolutionary Hair Transplant Technique to the U.S. July 2004

The co-repressor hairless has a role in epithelial cell differentiation in the skin July 2004

The Key to Beautiful Locks Starts with the Basics July 2004

Researchers re-assess side effects of hair loss treatment July 2004

Bald People Eat Free at Calif. Eatery July 2004

EEMCO Guidance for the Assessment of Hair Shedding and Alopecia July 2004

Family History and Risk of Hair Loss July 2004

More Singapore women suffer from hair loss than men - study July 2004

Golden locks to make another child smile July 2004

Western lifestyle linked to hair loss June 2004

Manliness can be insured June 2004

Role of TGF-beta2 in the human hair cycle June 2004

Differential diagnosis of hair loss in children June 2004

Vietnam man hopes for hair record June 2004

Eyebrow Transplants June 2004

Versican expression by dermal papilla-regenerated hair follicles – a promising tool for hair-regrowth products June 2004

Topical 5-fluorouracil is ineffective in the treatment of extensive alopecia areata June 2004

Trichotillomania in childhood: case series and review June 2004

The role of psychological factors in alopecia areata and the impact of the disease on the quality of life May 2004

Research Team Led By BC Chemistry Prof. Uses Laser Technique To Build Micro-Structures On A Human Hair Without Harming It May 2004

Gene Damage key Factor in Aging May 2004

Could a pill prevent grey hair? May 2004

Finasteride in the treatment of alopecia April 2004

A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of 5% and 2% topical minoxidil solutions in the treatment of female pattern hair loss April 2004

New survey shows problem often begins as early as the twenties April 2004

Can soya help with hair loss? April 2004

British men are European leaders when it comes to the early loss of hair April 2004

HLL, P&G Now Lock Horns Over Shampoo Quality April 2004

PAI Medical Group Offers the Follicly-Challenged Opportunity to Win Hair for Life April 2004

Tainted Coke made my hair fall out: plaintiff April 2004

Effect of minoxidil on proliferation and apoptosis in dermal papilla cells of human hair follicle April 2004

Study led by Colorlado state indicates soy consumption could help prevent prostate cancer and male pattern baldness March 2004

Locks of love March 2004

Stem cells offer promise for hair growth March 2004

Safety of topical minoxidil solution: a one-year, prospective, observational study Feb 2004

Melatonin increases anagen hair rate in women with androgenetic alopecia or diffuse alopecia: results of a pilot randomized controlled trial Feb 2004

Comparative studies on level of androgens in hair and plasma with premature male-pattern baldness. Feb 2004

Thickness, medullation and growth rate of female scalp hair are subject to significant variation according to pigmentation and scalp location during ageing. Feb 2004

I nterferon-gamma in alopecia areata.Feb 2004

EEMCO Guidance for the Assessment of Hair Shedding and Alopecia. Feb 2004

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