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January 2014

Propecia Victim Talks Candidly About Sexual Side Effects

Dave told LawyersandSettlements explicit information about Propecia side effects because he wants to get the message out: Do Not Take Propecia.


It’s OK to have a receding hairline but it’s not OK to suffer Propecia side effects, which may never go away.

Propecia Victim Talks Candidly About Sexual Side EffectsDave, age 67, took Propecia for seven years to treat hair loss. His sexual problems started a few years ago, but, like hundreds and perhaps thousands of Propecia users, never thought erectile dysfunction and more could be associated with the drug. So he kept taking it.

“I had a healthy sex life with my wife before I started taking Propecia,” says Dave, who is now single. “I was able to get an erection easily.

But strange things began to happen.

“My breasts are slightly enlarged and when I lost weight they didn’t get smaller so now they look even bigger.

My penis has shrunk to an embarrassing size. When the female practitioner at the VA hospital saw it, she actually looked startled and drew her breath in, adding to my embarrassment. And now my penis can actually push itself inwards, into my body.”

And there are psychological issues. Dave says he has always been straight, to the point of being homophobic. But he can’t understand what is going on now - unless it’s another Propecia side effect. “I am macho as you can get for a little guy,” he says. “

I have never tried cross-dressing but in the past few years I have had the urge. I thought I was going nuts until I read a story that there is estrogen in this drug, and the last thing I want to be is a woman.

“At my age sex isn’t such an important part of your life, but now that I am single, it is even more of a problem.

I can have sex but I have no desire. Most women I’m dating want sex after a few dates and I know for a fact that women have broken up with me because I haven’t been all over them.

I can still get an erection but my penis has shrunken so much it probably doesn’t measure three inches fully extended. It would make a great piece of evidence in court.”

Dave still has a receding hairline.