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December 2013

Dr. Carlos Puig Presides over the 2013 ISHRS Conference in San Francisco

Local Hair Restoration Expert Hosts Major International Event.

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Each year, the best minds in the field of hair restoration meet for the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery’s annual conference.

While there is a new theme for the event each year, the purpose is to educate experts about the latest techniques while also promoting further research, education and understanding of developments in this field.

This year’s event theme was “Bridging Technology and Art in Hair Restoration Surgery.” The presiding chair of the event was the reputable Dr. Carlos Puig of the Puig Hair Restoration Center of Houston.

Dr. Carlos Puig has spent his entire career focused on hair restoration treatments.

The treatment technology and techniques used today have evolved considerably over the years, and he has constantly tried to employ cutting edge technology in the treatment of his patients to achieve the best results.

He is known as a leading authority on hair restoration, and he offers treatments that are effective for both men and women.

He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, and he has also served previously as president to the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. Altogether, Dr. Puig and his hair restoration center are known for providing excellent treatment and personalized care to his patients through the use of advanced technology.

At Puig Hair Restoration Center, Dr. Carlos Puig is focused on creating hair that looks and feels natural and healthy. In some cases, it is possible for treatments to instigate new hair growth in men and women who previously could not grow hair.

However, depending on the condition causing the baldness or hair loss, new hair growth may simply not be possible. In these cases, Dr. Puig and his team of hair restoration specialists may recommend other effective options that can create a healthy, natural-looking head of hair.

For example, one technique involves transplanting individual follicles from other areas of the patient’s body onto the scalp.

Those who are suffering from hair loss or baldness and who are interested in learning more about the treatment options available should contact Dr. Carlos Puig and his team. Through the doctor’s dedication to continuing education and in implementing the most effective techniques in his treatments, he is committed to helping each patient achieve the desired results.


Dr. Carlos Puig has devoted several decades to the area of hair restoration in both men and women. He regularly strives to educate himself on the latest techniques in hair restoration as a benefit to his patients, and his focus is always on creating natural-looking results that his patients will love. Individuals in and around the Houston area who have the desire to be treated by a leading authority in hair restoration treatments should consider calling Puig Hair Restoration Center to schedule an appointment today.