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What can you do about your hair loss ?

When considering hair loss treatments you must consider all your options and choices. You always have a choice, do you want to take drugs ?

Sometimes this option is removed as some people will not or cannot use drugs of any type.

Others may not be able to take pills or tablets, then there is the option of applying lotions topically.

Below are listed a selection of options under various headings. 

Option 1 Drugs More Details

Drugs are available, either by prescription or over the counter. For hair loss there are two in this category. Procecia the worlds top selling hair loss drug and Minoxidil which is now available over the counter.

Option 2 Other Treatments More Details

On the market there are literally thousands of hair loss cures. 

There are effective commercial and natural treatments which can help stop hair loss and cause hair growth. The effective ones are listed here.

Option 3 Hair Transplant More Details

We have all heard the comment, "You never see a good hair transplant", and the truth behind that is "That's because you only ever see the bad ones" a good hair transplant should be undetectable.

A good hair transplant carried out by a competent surgeon should be virtually undetectable.

Option 4 Hair Systems More Details

Wigs and toupees are now usually called some sort of systems to make them sound more appealing to the public.

Today's hair replacement systems have greatly improved over the last few years and can be fairly impressive.

Option 5 Hair Concealers More details

Of all the options, these are possibly the safest and easiest treatments to use.

Proper application of these products can produce marvelous results.

Option 6 Do Nothing More Details

Your cheapest and sometimes the only option for some people. 

Be bald and proud.


What can you do about your hair loss ?