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November 2013

Toppik Prompts the Question: Are Babies Going Bald?

Are balding babies a growing epidemic? Toppik challenges the online world to this question in their new video, "Are Babies Going Bald?"

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The answer, of course, is no, but by masquerading hair loss on the cutest of subjects, the one minute video campaign demonstrates the efficacy of the favorite cult solution, ToppikHair Building Fibers, for filling in the finest of fine hair in an undetectable and instant way. 

Baby hair is notoriously thin with sporadic growth patterns, making it the perfect base for natural Toppik to showcase its proven, inconspicuous results in the series of before and after footage.

"While babies are admittedly a tad on the young side, the very real truth is that it's possible for hair loss and thinning to hit at any time of life for a multitude of reasons, all of which can have an impact on confidence and self-perception," says Founder and CEO, Mark Kress. "Over the years, millions of women and men ranging from the minimal, early signs of thinning to significant balding have found success with Toppik. So, even though Toppik does work wonders on these adorable babies, it's clearly meant for adults."

"We wanted to approach hair loss in a fun way, proving that it's just as efficacious on baby fine, barely-there hair as it is on adults experiencing thinning or patchiness," notes Creative Director and EVP of Marketing, Scott-Vincent Borba. "Believe it or not, the little models were more cooperative than those we typically work with!"

Launched this week, viewers can click, view, enjoy and share "Are Babies Going Bald?" across social channels. 

Check out to see the video and learn more about Toppik and solutions to thinning hair.

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About Toppik, Inc.

Toppik Inc. began over 30 years ago. Founder Mark Kress recognized that, though cosmetic products were available for virtually every aesthetic purpose, one prevalent condition never addressed was a cosmetic solution for hair loss and thinning.  In fact, virtually nothing was available to simply make people with thinning hair look younger and more attractive. 

A series of innovative products evolved into Toppik®, a family of products that has been used by millions of women and men worldwide, to dramatically improve their appearance.