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September 2013

HIS Hair Holds Hair Loss Treatment Open Day To Provide Fashionable Alternative To Baldness

HIS Hair has developed a unique scalp micropigmentation technique that provides individuals with a close-cropped hair look of a shaved head.

Hair loss affects millions of men around the world, and creates anxiety and self-consciousness among many of them.

Baldness cures are largely exaggerated and hair implants are both expensive and can prove dangerous. Ian Watson and Ranbir Rai-Watson founded HIS Hair to provide an alternative for those struggling with the stigma of baldness without resorting to drastic measures.

Their procedure is quick, easy and effective in producing the look of a shaved head for bald individuals, and they are holding an open day on 27th September in Chicago welcoming all comers to see how the procedure works and how convincing its effect can be.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a technique whereby tiny dots of pigment are applied to the scalp in the place of the follicles, giving the appearance of a close cropped shaved head. This fashionable alternative allows individuals to appear hairless as a fashion choice, and is indistinguishable from a real shaved head – without the need for maintenance.

HIS Hair have treated tens of thousands of people from all over the world suffering from hair loss, alopecia, hair transplant scars, burns and helped them regain their confidence. With branches already open throughout the US, they have more planned to open next year in the US as well as other parts of the world.

A spokesperson for HIS Hair explained, “We hold various open days throughout the year – at all our branches across the United States. Any interested parties, be it men suffering from baldness or concerned wives and girlfriends, can come down and witness first-hand the procedure being carried out live on various clients, to see a real life before and after. We have 7 locations in the United States in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Seattle.”

About HIS Hair:

HIS Hair have been helping men for over 10 years with their unique scalp micropigmentaion (SMP) technique which was invented by the co-founders Ian Watson and Ranbir Rai-Watson. Scalp Micropigmentation is a highly advanced, modern hair loss treatment for men that replicates real shaven hair follicles on the scalp.

The illusion is so realistic that patients actually believe they have hair, and so does everyone else. To get what style icons and celebrities are calling “The next male grooming must-have”

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