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August 2013

Company Urges "Folically Challenged" Men to Embrace Baldness While Introducing Two New BEE BALD Man Care Products

According to a study by Conair®, more than 22 million men aged 22 to 65 are taking charge of inevitable baldness and proactively shaving their heads, a trend Beachwood, Ohio-based BEE BALD® MAN CARE PRODUCTS is banking on with its newly expanded line of products designed to specifically benefit men "without."

Launched in 2011 by entrepreneur Dennis Fisher, BEE BALD® MAN CARE PRODUCTS have been helping folically challenged men embrace baldness for months now with its collection of innovative necessities that include a cleanser, healer, moisturizer and refreshing "anytime, anywhere" wipes.

"The market has been pushing hair replacement products for years," said Fisher. "We think it's time to stop. Bald is the new bold. Men should embrace it."

Fisher says that bald men face a unique plight; one that has been all but ignored by major manufacturers of men's grooming products.

Typical shaving and skin care products are not designed to meet their specific needs, as the skin on the head is thinner and more delicate than that of the face and neck.

Bald men have a host of different and unique grooming concerns, including susceptibility to nicks, cuts and bumps; increased exposure to the element; unsightly breakouts and undesirable secretions that cause unwanted shine.

On October 30, 2012, BEE BALD® introduced its CLEAN, HEAL, SMOOTH and REFRESH "Man Care Products" created specifically as a premium, high-quality skin care line for men without hair, regardless of whether by choice or through no fault of their own.

The company has just introduced two new products, BEE BALD® SHAVE, a combination shave cream/gel/lotion made with ingredients that cleanse and soften the skin, providing for an ultra quick, smooth shave, and BEE BALD® SCRUB, designed as a concentrated, intense exfoliate that deep cleans and helps prevent ingrown hairs by removing pore-clogging dirt, oils and dead skin cells.

Fisher says that "SHAVE goes on slick for a shave that's incredibly quick, while SCRUB will leave your head and face feeling smoother than a baby's behind!"

All BEE BALD® MAN CARE PRODUCTS are available on their website,, and at select retail locations including southern Ohio Walgreens stores (including Cincinnati, Dayton and surrounding areas), as well as Discount Drug Mart and Heinen's Fine Foods. In-store pricing varies beginning at $9.99.