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August 2013

Caffeine Could Prevent The Onset Of Baldness

A surprising relationship between caffeine and baldness has been reported by the American Hair Loss Association.

Hair loss is a problem which affects 85 per cent of males by the time they are 50 years old.

Pattern baldness and androgenetic alopecia are the most common types, with the condition affecting around a third of both women and men.

Androgenetic alopecia occurs over a length of time and is permanent. 

This type of baldness is inherited and effects can be seen in people as young as 21.

Hair loss on the top of the head and a receding hairline are also common in men; hair loss all over the scalp is common in women. 

Besides this, other things can cause baldness: hairstyles which pull at the scalp such as corn rows, fungal infections, hormonal changes due to pregnancy, diseases such as lupus and diabetes, and thyroid problems are known to trigger the onset of baldness.

Diet has been linked to hair loss, but not baldness.

Deficiencies in diet such as those lacking iron and zinc, protein, fatty acids and calories are types of starvation can cause baldness. 

However, caffeine, commonly found in coffee, tea and chocolate has been ruled out as a cause of baldness with evidence to suggest it can actually help stop the condition from starting or developing in the first place. 

When researchers were studying androgenetic alopecia, they found that hair follicles which would usually shrink and eventually stop producing hair were stimulated when caffeine was consumed. 

The report which was featured in the “International Journal of Dermatology” therefore suggests that caffeine consumption along with specialist treatments could help those suffering from this condition.