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September 2013

Advanced Hair Welcomes Miss England as Brand Ambassador

Advanced Hair has welcomed model and former Miss England Kate Elizabeth Hallam as the company’s official brand ambassador.

Proudly representing the global leader in hair loss treatment and hair replacement technology, Hallam is a passionate supporter of what Advanced Hair does to boost confidence and enrich lives.

Regarded as the world’s premier authority in next-generation hair replenishment procedures, the Advanced Hair team has set out to bring fast, safe, affordable and life-changing treatment to anyone in genuine need across the UK.

Hundreds of revolutionary treatments are being added to with incredible advances every single day, as the industry strides toward a future where hair loss need no longer have a detrimental effect on anyone’s life.

Celebrity Endorsement 

What sets Advanced Hair apart from its rivals is an astonishing 37-year history which has allowed for the kind of research, development and advancement no other authority on the subject comes close to.

Hair restoration and enhancement procedures are exceptionally complex and can only be performed to perfect by the industry’s most respected authorities.

Enhancing Inner Beauty 

“Beauty is always something that comes from within. No matter what you do on the outside, if you're not happy inside it will never reflect. My style mantra is to be comfortable in whatever I'm wearing and be happy at all times.” - Kate Elizabeth Hallam, Advanced Hair Brand Ambassador.

Advanced Hair doesn't stand for transforming lives by making its clients look ‘perfect’ – a word that has no meaning in the world of health and beauty. Instead, the team is dedicated to inspiring and instilling the kind of self-confidence needed to make inner-beauty shine through like never before.

To feel good is to give off the kind of intoxication glow that never goes unnoticed – a glow Advanced Hair specialises in nurturing.

All Conditions, All Walks of Life 

“We have helped a wide range of clients from diverse backgrounds achieve their hair growth goals. Men, women, adults and children have all come through the Advanced Hair Studio doors and received hair growth solutions that really work. From all walks of life and all professions, regaining hair loss gives everyone, no matter who they are, a new outlook on life and the self-confidence they deserve.” – Advanced Hair

Hair loss is an unfortunate condition that blights millions of lives across the UK and the rest of the world every day. Whether resulting from illness, genetic traits or simply the aging process itself, Advanced Hair is here to prove once and for all that there isn't a case in existence that isn't treatable – and for the right price.

About Advanced Hair: 

Advanced Hair is the world’s premier authority on the treatment and prevention of hair loss and baldness.

Founded back in 1976 and now spanning the entire world, Advanced Hair calls upon unique and revolutionary techniques and treatments to deliver results quickly, safely and affordably.

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